About Us

About the SHOOZIES Network

The SHOOZIES Network consists of several successfull Online Sites for Lesbians. SHOOZIES is a virtual safe haven where Lesbians can meet new friends, network, get information and exchange views & news. The main goal however is to empower lesbians wherever they live and help them come out with easiness through fun and friendship.

The whole SHOOZIES Lesbian Network is being run since 1997 by Fab and Sunci. Doing all the programming, graphics, translations, marketing, content, online shop management (buying and selling), server maintenance and user support themselves.

SHOOZIES has now been profoundly anchored within the lesbian and gay community for years and cannot be imagined without. SHOOZIES supports also many LGBT Organisations in Switzerland and abroad.

Numerous awards from the lesbian and gay community aswell as from the media have honored the work of the two online pioneers Sunci and Fab. The team unites technical know-how, communicative expertise and innovative spirit.


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About the founders

 sunci fab wedding 2010
Sunci (left) and Fab (right)

The two founders Fab & Sunci, lovingly called "Dreamteam" by the Media, have first met, fallen in love and founded SHOE in one eventful evening back in July 1997. On September 10th 2010 Fab and Sunci finally got married ;-)

 View photos from their wedding here: LOVE & LAUGHTER